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    • 發布時間: 2018-06-11

    導讀: 青蟲滑車游藝機是屬軌道類游樂項目,隨著軌道運轉,座艙隨運行高低起伏,深受廣大游客的喜愛和歡迎,下面是夢之龍青蟲滑車的使用說明書

            一、 概述:Overview
            orm roller coaster rides is a kind of track amusement equipment. With running on the track , cockpits can be ups and downs with the operation. Speed of operation accelerates as the music gradually quick , also the cockpit height also will rise. It is the organic combination of entertainment and science. It is deeply welcomed and loved by the majority of tourists.
            二、結構簡述:Structure Description
             The machine includes: 1. Drive device is equipped with two motors, controlled by control cabinet.         
            三、安裝調試: Installation and commissioning
            1、 游藝機安裝前,按裝箱清單內容,核對各部件,附件是否齊全。
            Before Amusement machine is installed, users check all parts and accessories according to the contents of the packing list.
            Amusement machine must be installed in the geological hard and flat ground. The rails and fence are fixed by bolts.
           Connect all components well.
           Check if the connecting bolts of the components of the main unit are secure.
            Connect the input terminal of the host computer with the line number corresponding to the terminal block of the control cabinet.
            Power to the household grounds cable metal sheath and metal trough, connected with lightning protection devices .
           Amusement machine low-voltage distribution system grounding type adapts TN-S system. To ensure personal and equipment safety, electrical equipment, housing and non-charged metal structure must be reliably grounded. Low-voltage distribution system protection repeat grounding resistance is not greater than 10 ohms.
            四、操作使用:Operational use
            Do the inspection before opening the equipment, turn on the switch in turn.
            Open the key switch, turn on electricity, When the indicator light of power is on. Press alarm bell in 2s, the equipment will start to run. 
            When reach to the Set time, The speaker will issue a 3 second stop beep, 3, the entire operation process is over.
            If need stop the equipment, press the emergency button, the equipment will stop.
             If stop the use the equipment, should cut off the power switch of control box, or pull out the power plugs.

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